Led by a team of enterprising entrepreneurs and jewellery industry stalwarts, Bandhan Jewels is a multi-brand retail platform. Bandhan Jewels was created because we realized that there was a gap in the market.

Huge retail chain stores and their ecommerce portals have started to penetrate urban and semi-urban markets in India and as a result the small and medium size jewellers have been hit hard. Their sales have visibly reduced as big brand stores have both – a greater variety of jewellery and a huge marketing budget to lure away customers.

There was no retail organization that was collaborating with mid-sized jewellers and supporting them in their endeavour of building a long term sustainable and profitable jewellery business.

Bandhan Jewels intends to give support to the jewellery retailers by inviting them to be retail partners with them. When united under a same brand, jewellers can compete with big brand stores. Bandhan Jewels’ differentiating factor is that they have a slew of brands that are sold under one roof with all possible generic jewellery under gold, diamond & platinum sold in the Indian market.